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What should I consider when choosing a home health care provider?

A home care referral agency connects you with a caregiver. We consult with you or a family member to know your current needs. We then match you with someone who will fit your needs.

As a referral agency, we are not the employer of the caregiver. They work independently and have their own bond and liability insurance.  You can provide worker's compensation for the caregiver by including them in your Home Owner's Insurance or Renter's Insurance Policy. The cost is usually between $80-200 per year.

Do you provide free consultations before we decide on a home care professional?

Absolutely! We make sure that you are going to exceed your expectations in providing the help you need.

Our client manager will listen to your needs and case so we can match you with the perfect service we offer based on your preference and budget.

Are your practitioners certified professionals?

A caregiver must first hold an active Home Care Aide license which is verifiable through the home care aide registry. Having a HCA license is an assurance that the caregiver has a clean live scan result and can work as a home care aide/caregiver. The caregiver undergoes interviews  by our referral managers -- past records, qualifications and references are reviewed and checked during this stage. Lastly, a caregiver must posses a clear TB test or fit for work notice.

How is the process?

  1. We will recommend our available and trustworthy caregivers based on your consultation. 

  2. We will schedule an interview. You can ask all your questions during the interview. We will only be there to assist you in case, we feel that there are questions that could help you with your selection decision. During the interview, you could then have a feel if a candidate works well with you or if you need to interview more.

  3. You let us know which caregiver you chose and we can set the service start date. 

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